Perfect Image provides service with attention to detail for all our customers living in modest homes and condominiums, to the largest most upscale homes and cottages in and around West Michigan.

Perfect Image is fully insured and bonded for all the services we provide. We care about your property and practice the following when on the job:

  • Protect floors and furniture from drips with drops cloths.

  • When using ladders, all floors and walls are protected with pads and covers.

  • While outside your home, we carefully negotiate delicate landscaping when working or placing ladders. We prevent damage to all exterior surfaces by using pads and bumpers on all our equipment.


Specializing in residential service, we have a passion to make your windows as clean and clear as they can possibly be.

When cleaning windows we remove all soil, insect deposits, bird droppings, paint, and debris as needed. We follow with a detailed wiping of all edges and sills, finishing by installing clean screens. An additional step to remove mineral deposits is occasionally needed and is always included in our price.


Our company has the experience and equipment to safely and thoroughly clean your homes entire gutter system. We remove all debris from your roof then completely clear all gutters/downspouts and rinse/flush them as needed to ensure correct operation.

Perfect Image takes pride in disposing of all debris properly and not leaving it lying or scattered in your yard when we leave.